Lynn Donohue is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir, Brick By Brick: A Womanís Journey, which was a 2001 Ben Franklin Award finalist for best autobiography.


Compellingly written and richly detailed, Brick By Brick captures Lynnís inspirational transition from junior high-school dropout to self-made millionaire and describes how a passion for masonry helped her find the inner calm and personal strength to reach success in an industry dominated almost entirely by men.


Inspired by Geraldine, a friend who passed away from cancer, and co-written by Lynnís life-long best friend Pamela Hunt, Brick By Brick not only bears testament to Lynnís own personal courage and will, but pays tribute to the people who encouraged her along her path of discovery.


Since its publication in 2000, Brick By Brick has motivated thousands of women to overcome obstacles and received positive reviews from nationally recognized media and authors.